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The Toonpur Ka Superrhero Dual Audio 720p Free The Toonpur Ka Superrhero Dual Audio 720p Download torrent 53 Wn.2d 107 (1959) 330 P.2d 1034 ROBERT E. RYDEK, Respondent, v. HOWARD A. GARLAND, Appellant.[1] No. 34630. The Supreme Court of Washington, Department One. November 19, 1959. Richards & Bernard, by Arnold C. Richards and Homer D. Bertram, for appellant. Willard S. Jackson, for respondent. FINLEY, C.J. Appellant is an attorney practicing in Spokane, Washington, and respondent is a Spokane attorney. Respondent instituted a civil action in the superior court against appellant and other defendants to recover for services and goods supplied to appellant by respondent and another Spokane attorney. Appellant is a partner in the Spokane law firm of Richards & Bernard and was defending the action for his partners. The complaint alleged that respondent and his partner had, for many years, represented appellant in various business and legal matters, but during the past 2 or 3 years the relationship had gradually deteriorated. The complaint further alleged that one of respondent's partner's sons was being *108 sued by appellant's son, and that respondent's partner's son was plaintiff's only witness in the civil action. In his answer to respondent's complaint, appellant pleaded, among other things, that he and his partners had paid respondent and his partner, in full, a considerable amount of money for services and goods and that the action should be dismissed. At the trial, appellant testified that he and his partner paid respondent and his partner $5,000 and that he and his partner had in their possession $10,000 in cash at the time the money was paid. The trial court, at the close of the evidence, entered the following judgment on the verdict, viz.: "Plaintiff recover of Defendant $1,250.00 plus $400.00 expenses of this action; Defendant recover of Plaintiff $250.00 costs; total $1,550.00." Appellant assigns error to the amount of the judgment. He contends that the judgment should be reduced to $5,500, inasmuch as the record shows that respondent and his partner had not kept sufficient records to accurately reflect the exact amount of respondent's services and goods.



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